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Damn, it's been a while

So, I started this website as a grad student in 2016 for a web page class. In 2018 I have really worked it over for my thesis portfolio project. I passed my thesis review and graduated with a masters of science degree.

So 2020 what now? I want to talk about art, makers, Etsy sellers, bad-ass women, crafts, true crime and so much more. I want this to be a place where we can discuss our craft and exchange ideas. I’m tired of those people who divide the “crafters” and “artists” I think if you are creating you are making art.

I have my Etsy shop and would like to ramp up sales. I have my GreenShingle website and want to ramp up visits. Know what I want to do next? I want to open a real storefront.

Stay tuned! Talk to you later. Carol


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