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Gotta love a dinosaur

A few weeks ago I posted a fellow crafters stickers I purchased. A friend commented on how cute the Dino stickers were. She’s right of course, that’s why I bought them. She also mentioned how much her 4 year old loves dinosaurs.

I have been thinking about dinosaurs the last three weeks. We all love them, right?

Saturday was rainy all day and there I was in the basement with coffee and Charlie and my iPad. I certainly don’t draw everything from my head. I googled pictures and found a pose I liked of a T Rex. I import a photo and usually trace a light outline. New layer, trace my first outline, new layer add some stuff, on and on. I finally come up with a figure that i like. I add new layers for color and details. All of this is trial/error since I’m still learning the hardware and software. Most of my work is black white but I do enjoy the color process.

I ended up making 2 drawings that I liked and then made stickers. I will list them in my Etsy shop and see how they sell. If people like them great, if not who cares. I made them for me and the 4 year old in everyone who still believes in magic, giants in tennis shoes, and a good ol’ rainy day art project.


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