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I love going back to school

After 35 years of working after graduating from Western Illinois University, I have decided to enroll in grad classes. I started with one class during the summer. You cram a whole semester of a class into a 4 week summer term. It was sort of intense.

This semester I have 2 classes. One is writing intensive and one is learning software. I kind of like the software one better but I have always liked to write. Research? Now that is a different story. I don't love that so much.

When my son got a job with a major corporation in May, I stressed the idea of getting his masters degree on the company's dime. They are more than willing to pay for him to go back. "I have always regretted not going back to school when I was given the chance", I said. Well duh, I work for a company that will pay me to go back to school - Western! So, I took my own advice, and went back to school. Instructional Design and Technology works for what I like doing - design, animation, video . . .

So, here I am. Over 50 and in school :) My belief is you are never too old to learn. Who knows? Maybe I will move away from Macomb and start a whole new career? Whatever life brings, I plan on enjoying it and to never quit learning.


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